Backup "extended description" of coding rules

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Backup "extended description" of coding rules

Florian F.
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 we have a custom quality profile in Sonar.
 In the web interface, there are two possibilites to comment on a rule: Add Note or extend description.
 My goal is to provide a comment, why certain rules are deactivated (e.g. duplicate in different analysis tools) or enhance the description with hints on how to solve an issue, ....
 "Add Note" adds a note, but when I deactivate a rule, the notes are lost. So I tried with "extend description" and this persists the comments beyond deactivation. So that's fine and enough for me.
 After carefully commenting on the rules I decided to backup the profile. Nevertheless, neither the xml backup file of the profile nor the sonar backup file contains these extended descriptions.
 Is there a chance to backup this data? Is it stored in the database?

 Thanks in advance.