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Re: [sonar-dev] Sonar + Mantis 1.2.3

Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you for your feedback with mantis 1.2.3 and sonar mantis plugin.

I hope the pizza will be  better in the next version, but I don't think we can do much in this one.


2012/8/7 Rodolfo <[hidden email]>
Do you know how I can enlarger the Pizza image ? Some names do not appears in it. The screen shot is attached.

2012/8/7 Rodolfo <[hidden email]>
hehehe, sorry, the url is ok. Thanks to all =D.

2012/8/7 Rodolfo <[hidden email]>

I have a question. On mantis plugin, in widget "Mantis Issue", the number of issues is a link to Mantis Page. How can I change the page, because the default is localhost, but I need to access with others computer in network.

Rodolfo Azevedo

2012/8/7 Rodolfo <[hidden email]>
Hi All,

I make a backup of mantis database, and exported to mantis 1.2.4 installed in other machine. It works perfect until now. Thanks everybody.

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This error appears:

Operation 'mc_project_get_id_from_name' is not defined in the WSDL for this service

What means ?


2012/8/6 Jérémie <[hidden email]>
Hi Rodolfo,

I haven't tested it with MantisBt 1.2.3 , but you can try it. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to report it.


2012/8/6 Rodolfo <[hidden email]>
Hi All,

I need your help.

I have a virtual machine with mantis 1.2.3. I saw in that the plugin is for mantis 1.2.4 to 1.2.6. My Server is too old and I wanna integrate sonar with mantis without update mantis. Can you help me with this ?

Thanks and Regards.

Rodolfo Azevedo