Release 1.2 with new layout and reviews

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Release 1.2 with new layout and reviews

Simon Brandhof-2
We have always been impressed by the layout of the Google Analytics
dashboard. Its data oriented interface is intuitive, simple and
powerful at the same time. It gave us a lot of ideas to improve Sonar
usability. The release 1.2 is the first step of this interface
refactoring. For example major measures like code coverage or
complexity/method are emphasized on the project dashboard. See a
screenshot at

The actual new feature of this release is reviews, like design or code
reviews. They are a well-known technique to obtain quality and
productivity improvements, even in agile teams. Resulting measures of
such manual reviews are saved and displayed on the dashboard besides
other metrics (screenshot : Of
course it does not replace tools like Atlassian Crucible, focused on
the whole review process.

The release also fixes some bugs. Have a look at the changelog for
more details :
Dowload :
Documentation :

The development iteration is one month long, so the release 1.3 is
planned for end of April. Until this time don't give your feedback on
this mailing-list.

The Sonar team.

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