SQ 5.1.1, tuning of bulk indexing for report analysis

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SQ 5.1.1, tuning of bulk indexing for report analysis

Vara Prasad
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Hi all,

On Sonar 5.1.1, after sonar analysis is completed, report analysis and issues indexing is being done at server side.
Once the report analysis done, the results are reflected on sonar dashboard.

On Sonar server side we are seeing logs related to BulkIndexer and ComputationService.
log messages of BulkIndexer are  providing on how many items are processed per second as below

INFO  web[o.s.s.es.BulkIndexer] 224033 requests processed (33 items/sec)

With default JVM parameters of search server process, we are seeing the number of items processed per second is less (around 30-40 items / sec).
Seen GC activity when the indexing is going on and  increased the Xmx to 6G and has seen some improvement (around 100 items / sec).
The improvement is also not very consistent.

Apart from GC tuning, are there are any sonar properties available to tune the BulkIndexing ?
For sonarqube, what are the default values for tuning parameters like indices.memory.index_buffer_size ?
Can these be changed by using any existing sonar properties ?

Apart from GC analysis on search server, any other debugging that can be done to determine the root cause for slow indexing ?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,
Vara Prasad.