Sonar upgrade to auto assign issue

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Sonar upgrade to auto assign issue

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We are currently using SonarQube 4.1 and looking to upgrade Sonar to use new features like functionality to automatically assign issue to the developer who has created the issue (issue creator), reporting on newly added and fixed issue count per developer etc. We use SVN 1.6 and 1.7 as version control tool with tortoiseSVN as client. We trigger Sonar analysis via Team City.

After going through SonarQube notes and other available information, I could think of following two options:

1. Upgrade to SonarQube 4.5 LTS
2. Upgrade to SonarQube 5.1

I have also gone through plugin version matrix at to identify Sonar support for various plugins.

I have following questions:

Q1. If we choose option 2, as per Sonar notes, Sonar 5.1 has a feature to automatically assign issues to user. Does that mean there is no need to use Issue Assign plugin with Sonar 5.1 as this functionality is in-built in Sonar 5.1?

Q2. If we choose option 2, Issue Assign plugin 1.6 is supported by Sonar 5.1 as per plugin version matrix but I have seen couple of posts where people have mentioned that Issue Assign plugin is not supported by Sonar 5.1. Has anyone tried this yet?

Q3. If we want to automatically create JIRA from newly created Sonar issues, how can we do that?

Q4. Is Sonar 5.1 stable enough to be used for analyzing code base of more than 600,000 lines of code or should we stick with 4.5 LTS version?