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Sonarqube 4.5.4 <sonar.sources>

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Hi everyone,

Just upgraded to sonarqube 4.5.4 form sonar 3.2.1 and realized that sonarqube doesnot support sonar.phase attribute anymore. Since this has been deprecated I saw a comment on this link that " it is possible in Maven to set "sonar.sources" so the "sonar.phase" has become useless." I have sources in mulitple directories and I have tried using <sonar.sources> with "," separated but soanar is not able to find the source code doing so.

Below is how I have used in my pom.xml

<sonar.sources>/access/applicaiton/src/, /report/application/src/,/services/applicaiton/src</sonar.sources>

[INFO] [18:32:38.151] Index files
[INFO] [18:33:27.132] 0 files indexed

If anyone has faced this issue and found a work around for <sonar.phase> in 4.X version please help me