Using PostgreSQL For the DBMS of SonarQube

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Using PostgreSQL For the DBMS of SonarQube

Kyle Smith
Hello Everyone,

I was having some problems with scanning large PL/SQL files that caused the underlying MySQL DBMS to fail with errors. As a result, I have decided to give PostgreSQL a try.

Looking at the page from on installation instructions, I saw something about a 'custom schema' and was not sure 1) why I would want this and 2) what advantage this schema gives over the default one. If someone could please answer this that would be great.

Here is the URL to the page I am talking about:

The sentence I am confused with is, "If you want to use a custom schema and not the default "public" one, the PostgreSQL search_path property must be set".

Then there is a SQL statement, "ALTER USER mySonarUser SET search_path to mySonarQubeSchema". I am guessing I would have to define my own schema in this case. Is this correct?

Thank-you for reading this.


Kyle Smith