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Widget Lab 1.2 released

Ann Campbell
I'm pleased to announce the release of Widget Lab 1.2, which fixes a minor bug in the WRV Rules Compliance widget and adds a new User Text Widget to the offerings. 

The new widget is a global widget, meaning it can be used on both global and project-level dashboards. It displays your text / HTML / Markdown to the user, optionally with a widget title. Here's what it looks like, both with and without title:

Inline image 1

For more information on the plugin, see the Wiki: http://docs.codehaus.org/display/SONAR/Widget+Lab+Plugin

It should be available in the update center shortly.

G. Ann Campbell
Sr. Systems Engineer, IS Production Systems - Shop Floor Systems
Shaw Industries Inc,
201 S. Hamilton St.
Dalton Ga 30720

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