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junit in sonarqube

Hello everyone,

I am using sonarqube 5.1 and sonar runner 2.4.I want to know how to execute junit in sonarqube.
my sonar.properties file is:
# Required metadata
sonar.projectName=HelloWorld Project with Oracle Database and Hudson

# Comma-separated paths to directories with sources (required)
sonar.sources=C:/Users/anankurj/.hudson/jobs/HelloWorld Analysis with hudson/workspace/HelloWorld/src
sonar.binaries=C:/Users/anankurj/.hudson/jobs/HelloWorld Analysis with hudson/workspace/HelloWorld/bin
#sonar.junit.reportsPath=C:/Users/anankurj/.hudson/jobs/HelloWorld Analysis with hudson/workspace/HelloWorld/reports
sonar.tests=C:/Users/anankurj/.hudson/jobs/HelloWorld Analysis with hudson/workspace/HelloWorld/test
# Language
# Encoding of the source files

i have provided my test cases in test folder but i am not able to see any reports being generated from these test cases in sonarqube dashboard.

Thanks and regards,
Ankur Jain