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[sonar-dev] [ANN] Sonar Benchmark Plugin 1.0

Antonio Calero

Hi all!

eXcentia team is pleased to announce a brand new plugin: the Sonar Benchmark Plugin (1.0)

This plugin does "Benchmarking" on your Sonar instance to show you more information about all your projects. 

Benchmarking is a continuous and sistematic process using comparision, to evaluate products, services and work processes on organizations.

With this plugin you will be able to get statistical metrics of your Sonar instance (average, minimum, maximum, distribution of the projects) and you will be able to compare your project and see how many projects are better or worse than yours in a given metric (your rank and the percentile).

Plugin works with Sonar 2.13 or later.

If you are using the latest release of Sonar (3.1) you must know that Sonar Benchmark Plugin takes advantages of one of the most wanted features, the global dashboards!! You can create a global dashboard with the most important metrics and show all the statistical information of your Sonar instance in your home section :-)

You no longer have excuses for improving the quality of your source code, if others are better than you, what is the reason?

Trial version and documentation are available on the product page.


eXcentia Team.