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[sonar-dev] L10n for Sonar and Community Plugins

Fabrice Bellingard-4
Hi guys,

a couple of month ago, we had a thread discussion about how we should handle the localization of Sonar and its plugins. We have made some progress on this topic, and as things have slightly changed, I will briefly explain the whole process here. 
FYI, I've updated the Wiki page on that topic.

The most important point to keep in mind: translations for Sonar and the Community Plugins must now be done only in Language Packs. (this is made possible thanks to a modification we've done in Sonar 3.2)
I've described the process at the end of the Wiki page. Feel free to comment on that in this thread if things are unclear.

The reason why we decided to move the L10n bundles from Community Plugins to Language Packs is that it will make it easier for translation contributors to handle the life cycle of their Pack, instead of being forced to stick into the life cycles of the multiple plugins that they translate. As an example, Patroklos will now have to handle only the Greek Pack project, instead of having to edit several plugins of the forge.

I've already done the migration of all existing bundles, so everything should be clean by now on the forge. 

For information, for third-party plugins (commercial / closed-source / other open-source plugins), things remain unchanged: they still have to embed their own bundles for every language they translate.

Best regards,

Fabrice BELLINGARD | SonarSource